Call for Papers

The Association of Greek Chemists and the Division of Chemistry and the Environment (DCE) of European Chemical Sciences (EuCheMS) cordially invites you to the 17th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment in Thessaloniki, Greece in June 2019. Dates: 16.06. – 20.06.2019.

ICCE 2019 addresses scientists in the academia, industry and in governmental institutions alike and intends to provide a unique information and communication platform for environmental scientists and a forum of professional exchange with collaborators and colleagues of related disciplines.

The 17th ICCE will continue along its scientific tradition providing a representative spectrum of updated scientific information for modern applications of Chemistry in the relevant field of Environmental Research and technology development.

Dedicated satellite events will be organized as pre and post-conference events highlighting special emerging scientific aspects of very recent developments and requirements.

Download the complete Call for Papers .pdf format.


BY 15 January 2019

BY 15 March 2019

BY 30 March 2019


Session Title Organized by
Air pollution – chemistry and health risks
Detection and determination of substances, including constituents and impurities, and degradation products in simulation tests and bioaccumulation studies Session organized in cooperation with the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA
Oxidation and Advanced Oxidation processes in water and wastewater treatment
Recycling and resource reuse as tools for efficient circular economy
Soil Pollution and Monitoring
Mass Spectrometry in environmental research
Environmental problems relevant to Mediterranean sea and Gulf of Mexico (MedSea-GuMex) Co-organization by the Environmental Division of American Chemical Society and the Division of Chemistry and Environment, EuChemS
Innovation in drinking water treatment
Advances in wastewater treatment
Environmental applications of nanomaterials
Heavy metals in the environment and removal technologies
Green and sustainable chemistry strategies for agricultural and food waste biomass valorizations Interaction between Division of Chemistry and Environment & Division of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, EuChemS
Analytical Chemistry as a tool for environmental monitoring and chemistry studies Interaction between Division of Chemistry and Environment & Division of Analytical Chemistry, EuChemS
Identifying critical nutrient emission zones in landscapes: a key for reducing water eutrophication?

Other topics for abstract submission include:

Environmental fate of contaminants
Metabolism and biotransformation of organic pollutants
Biotoxins and bioactive substances
Radioecology, radionuclides and human exposure
Dissolved natural organic matter and pollution impact on water quality
Modelling in the environment
Environmental risk assessment: scientific and policy issues
Environmental effects of renewable energy production
Occupational and domestic indoor environments
Education in environmental chemistry


Selected papers will be published in a special issue dedicated to the conference outcomes in the journal: Environmental Science and Pollution Research.(