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Session Title Organized by
Air pollution – chemistry and health risks Conveners: Gerhard Lammel and Constantini Samara
Detection and determination of substances, including constituents and impurities, and degradation products in simulation tests and bioaccumulation studies Session organized in cooperation with the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA.
Conveners: Reko Lehtila
Oxidation and Advanced Oxidation processes in water and wastewater treatment Conveners: Urs von Gunten and Jannis Wenk
Recycling and resource reuse as tools for efficient circular economy Conveners: Roland Kallenborn and Nicolas Moussiopoulos
Soil Pollution and Monitoring Conveners: Levke Godbersen and Thomas Bucheli
Mass Spectrometry in environmental research Conveners: Adrian Covaci and Dimitra Lambropoulou
Environmental problems relevant to Mediterranean sea and Gulf of Mexico (MedSea-GuMex) Co-organization by the Environmental Division of American Chemical Society and the Division of Chemistry and Environment, EuChemS.
Conveners: George Cobb and Ioannis Katsoyiannis
Innovation in drinking water treatment Conveners: Mathias Ernst and Ioannis Katsoyiannis
Advances in wastewater treatment Conveners: Vincenzo Torretta, Giorgio Bertanza and Maria Cristina Collivignarelli
Environmental applications of nanomaterials Conveners: Eleni Deliyianni
Heavy metals and other inorganic pollutants in the environment and removal technologies Conveners: Nikos Lazaridis and Dimitra Voutsa
Green and sustainable chemistry strategies for agricultural and food waste biomass valorizations Interaction between Division of Chemistry and Environment & Division of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, EuChemS.
Conveners: Kostas Triantafyllidis and Anastasia Zabaniotou
Keynote speaker: Nicholas Gathergood, Tallinn University of Technology, chair of division of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, EuChemS
Analytical Chemistry in environmental monitoring and chemistry studies Interaction between Division of Chemistry and Environment & Division of Analytical Chemistry, EuChemS.
Conveners: Slavica Razic and Victoria Samanidou
Keynote speaker: Paul Worsfold, University of Plymouth
Identifying critical nutrient emission zones in landscapes: a key for reducing water eutrophication? Conveners: Malgorzata Grybos and Gerard Gruau
Metabolomics Conveners: Boguslaw Buszewski and George Theodoridis
Dissolved natural organic matter and pollution impact on water quality Conveners: Ioannis Deliyannakis and Gudrun Abbpt-Braun
Urban contaminants: control measures, remediation actions and toxicological implications Conveners: Silvia Lacorte and Athanasios Katsoyiannis
Keynote speaker: Kevin Jones, Lancaster University
Micropollutants in the aquatic environment Conveners: Dimitra Voutsa

Other topics for abstract submission include:

Environmental fate of contaminants
Metabolism and biotransformation of organic pollutants
Biotoxins and bioactive substances
Radioecology, radionuclides and human exposure
Modelling in the environment
Environmental risk assessment: scientific and policy issues
Environmental effects of renewable energy production
Occupational and domestic indoor environments
Education in environmental chemistry